On January 26, 2015, the Village Board of Trustees awarded a bid for construction of Phase 1 of the Northside Stormwater Management Project (NSMP) The project is expected to begin in early April 2015 and last through November 2015.

The NSMP will "separate" the sewer system in the Phase 1 area. Please see a map of the project area. By separating the sewer system, the existing combined sewer pipe will be converted to a sanitary-only sewer pipe. The Village will then construct a new "mainline" sewer down Greenfield, starting at the Des Plaines River at Thatcher and working east towards Harlem. Then "lateral" storm sewers will be installed on streets south of Greenfield, and tie into the "mainline" sewer system.

Construction Worker

This is the single largest infrastructure project the Village has ever undertaken. The mainline sewer runs up to 96” in size at its greatest diameter. Such a massive infrastructure project will bring several benefits to the area:

  • A separate storm sewer system will significantly reduce basement backups caused by sewer backup.

  • On-street flooding will be significantly improved. The new storm system will provide new capacity that will discharge storm water directly to the Des Plaines River.

  • All the streets being constructed will be resurfaced curb to curb once the project is completed.

With these benefits to the community, there will be some short term inconveniences to the residents. Streets will be torn up, driveways will be inaccessible at times and there will be dust. The Village will do as much as it can to help mitigate these short-term inconveniences.